KItchell Park by C W Kelly

March 18, 2012 at 10:48 am | Posted in poem | 5 Comments

Piles of rubble extracted from towns that were
done in by a war
were dumped around the scrubland and
around these glass walls were erected and
filled with saline for the
horrific prehistoric fish
On the rocks crawled hairless bats
Anteaters roamed freely
on account of ant problems
Other things lived in caves or brush or an
abandoned middle school gymnasium
and pool
Sloths crawled over it
M Kitchell was in charge of the awful
fish that were just disgusting
beasts, hideous and unsafe
He held a clipboard and was running very fast
over the knolls
with a straight back in uniform
chasing through the scrub
In the cafeteria something dangling
fell into my soda
“I’ll put it back when you’re done” M Kitchell said
so I kept on
The saline was slopping out
as something was eaten
“These ocean charts are a big responsibility” M Kitchell said
A toucan or parrot flew out of the brush
“since I taught her my name it’s the only sound she makes”
The parrot squaked
“Now I will show you a trick”
M Kitchell whistled low and
from the beehive the bees that came
filled up the space between his glasses and his eyes

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  1. ewwww

  2. Needs more metaphors.

  3. i loved it. this guy named mason’s sippin haterade

  4. this is pretty good i think

  5. it’s probably not clear that I found this to be a really cool place.

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